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When Sully asks Nate for help with a “little problem,” the implications are far greater than anything either of them could have imagined. Trailed by a delusional psychopath, could ancient clues from Arthurian lore lead to an incredible treasure or their ultimate doom? Join Chloe, Sully, Nate and Elena as they face a heart-stopping adventure on a forgotten island!

UNCHARTED: The Hidden Kingdom” is an original 2-part audio drama. It’s based on the characters from the UNCHARTED video game series by Sony and Naughty Dog and takes place between games 2 and 3, following the established lore of the series. Each part of the drama will be around 35min in length. The adventure is self-contained, so listeners can enjoy it without having played the games – but we suspect after the story, you’ll want to get to know Nate, Sully, Elena, and Chloe better!

This is a fan project and is NOT endorsed by or associated with Sony, Naughty Dog LLC or any of their affiliated companies(Please see disclaimer at the bottom of the site). We are just a group of UNCHARTED fans and audio drama enthusiasts who are dedicated to bringing you a brand new adventure, because well, who wouldn’t want more UNCHARTED?!

With a fantastic story by Chuck Duffie, an incredible original score by Evan “EFlex” Boyerman, a supremely talented cast of voice actors and actresses, and immersive sound design by Jonathan Winstead, this project will be something that every UNCHARTED/audio drama fan can enjoy!

Once the project is completed, it will be FREE to stream and FREE to download! We will be making NO attempts to monetize any aspects of the project. Stay tuned to our site and follow us on social media for updates on our progress!


To MIRANDA RAY for her part in pointing us towards the legends of King Arthur.

To LAURA K WELSH for voicing Elena Fisher in our trailer. VOICEOFLAURAKWELSH.COM

To KENNEDY PHILLIPS creator of the fantastical MAGUS ELGAR series for enduring countless questions & giving wise advise on sound design.

To ERIC GIBBS and MIKE PETTY of the FATHERGAMER PODCAST for their assistance in the planing of this project.

Evan "EFlex" Boyerman is composing a fantastic score for the project!
Be sure to Subscribe to EFlexMusic on YouTube to listen to his other amazing pieces!

These are the steps in our production process.

We will update the progress bars as they are completed.

Before we begin production we map out a plan for the project. It also involves gathering resources, such as music and sound effects. Then before we begin recruiting voice actors, it is important to complete the script. After the project plan has been completed and the script is finished its time to select voice actors and actresses for our project! Once that occurs the dialog recording process begins. After we have all the dialog recorded, we begin the process of combining all the performances into a single dialog track or layer. Once all the dialog has been combined we can begin adding sound effects to the project. After this, we will add another layer that contains the original music score. Once all the layers have been put together, we make sure all the volume levels are appropriate for the best listening experience on a wide variety of devices and systems. Lastly, we run the finished project through our test listeners. If they don’t find any issues we will release our project for your listening pleasure!

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